Tai (sisterjune) wrote in kanjani8,


I am bored and cannot concentrate on my schoolwork so I decided to upload a bunch of subaru's old solos and also a couple of SubaruBAND songs that I haven't ever seen posted on the comm here before. I have some other links of other songs as well. So if you have any interest at all feel free to drop by my journal. The old perfs I uploaded are:
burn it, sawer, window (all featuring FIVE) and Fool day. The SubaruBand songs in question are - High position & Everyday music.


Here are some screencaps to get you interested.

also I didn't upload them but I do have some old videos where subaru sings a GLAY song called mermaid (in red leather pants and he does cartwheels! :D) and also a very short vid where he sings some of L'arc en ciel's ride on heaven's drive. So if anyone wants those vids then feel free to ask me at my journal and then when I have time I will upload them and edit the links into my lj entry. Ok that's all. HAPPY DOWNLOADING!
Tags: music: performance

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