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Ok hi everyone, I've been having some trouble finding a particular episode of heyx3 in which kanjani8 was one of the guests.
I am talking about the heyx3 SP that aired on 09.19.2005 and k8 was a guest along with choshuu koriki (and others). Honestly I have turned the internet upside down looking for this and found NOTHING. and when I mean nothing, I mean no downloads, summaries, capspams, translations or lj posts about it NOTHING. It's as if it did not exist but I know for a fact it does and I have even seen a couple of gif icons from that ep. (proof that SOMEONE has it or had it)I think debbie_chan even wrote a bit about it in her journal once.

I don't have a screencap from that episode but they were wearing their sukiyanen osaka costumes the whole time.
People please PLEASE if you have this episode then please upload it for me, seriously I am willing to negotiate here, if you want to do trades I can do that, if you need me to wait a week or month until you have time to upload it I can do that, if you need to upload it in parts over time I willing to be patient. and you can upload it ANYWHERE, I am not picky.

Hell, if all you can do is provide me the link to where you found it that's fine. I would be happy with clubbox links even! even though I don't know how to use it yet. But man anything is better than nothing. I really REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS EPISODE SO VERY BADLY. So if you have it please upload it for me. If you only have a part of it that's fine. If it's too big for you to upload, I can use bittorrent! If you know how to make one....PLEASE PEOPLE HELP ME WITH THIS!

*begs on hands and knees* ONEGAI SHIMASU!
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