Paraphrasal (tomoyokurogane) wrote in kanjani8,

x-posted in many places. Sorry! And also, if this promotion isn't allowed, I will immediately delete it. K. Thanks. `x]

If you are just starting out in the JE world, join Johnny's World where you can look through a broad arrangement of all the debuted bands and the junior bands. There you can discuss, post up pictures, and possibly find out more information and get into new fandoms!
If you love the JE world, come join this forum!

The Kansai Jyannis Forum is a forum solely dedicated to the wonderful boys who come from the Kansai region or just plain love Osaka.
This is a more specific forum, but there are still quite a few of these groups. I didn't even know half of these groups until I joined the forum!
If you like Kansai Johnny's CLICK THIS!

Credits::: ruledaworld  for the banners! `=D

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