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Request: JE mentioning in books-movies

Last week I bought a book - Kaori Ekuni "Twincle Twincle". And just imagine how i was surprised when in the middle of a book the author mentioned KAT-TUN. Just a few words - that main character sang a pop song of KAT-TUN before taking a bath. But this phrase somehow made me so happy!

So my request is - maybe you know other books or movies where Johnnys are mentioned. Preferably books transfered to English, so i can understand them XD

For Russian-speaking fans - the title, picture of a book and of a page where KAT-TUN are mentioned you can find at my LJ.

Ehh, the book was published in 1991... So was it stupid russian translator's mistake? or was at that time another popband KAT-TUN in Japan? or did Kaori change book for English edition in 2003?

I'll check it and update again
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