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Shota/Subaru exchange for Shota's Birthday

First, Subaru posted on his J-web diary:

Congratulations on your 23rd year <3 (the heart had a link to a picture of a birthday cake, full of strawberries, with "Happy Birthday Yasuda Shota" on it)

I love you <3<3<3


The "I love you" was "Aishiteruzo"

Then, Shota replied on the Chimp/Otokomae exchange, which hasn't been updated in over two months, lol.

2007/9/13 16:50
From: Chimpanzee
To: Otokomae

Shibuyan, thanks for the Web entry <3

I was really happy
I was on the train by myself but I couldn't stop crying (sweat)
We filmed (for Janiben) the next day and I kept on thinking to myself that I want to jump on you and say "Thank you," but I was too embarrassed and I couldn't do it (cry face) So I've decided to write it in words (pencil)

I really want to go shopping soon (sweat) We can't seem to find a good timing these days (face with X X eyes)
But we might be able to hang out soon (smile showing teeth)
Ne <3

Just a few hours later, Subaru replied:

2007/9/13 21:14
From: Otokomae
To: Chimpanzee

Not a problem at all, Shota-kun. In the near future, yeah, I'm looking forward to it (the shopping).

Let's talk a lot when that time comes. I have a lot of things to tell you.

Let's walk together at our own pace.

My soul mate.


Ahhh, the love!

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