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Okan request

Hello everyone! Here is me once more, as always.

Well, I'm requesting the Special Episodes of Okan (Honjani - 14/03/2007 ep.). I find out the link in this community but the Sendspace links are expired and I can't download on Megaupload. (Here is the link: http://community.livejournal.com/kanjani8/493036.html?page=3#comments) [Thank you for uploading it, kaychung!] If possible I want the other special episode too (21/03/2007)...

I tried on pretty-boys.net/ryo too, but it wasn't succefull 'cause I never can download there (I think it's the bandwidth). So, I need your help. Can you share with me and the others that want it too? ;_; Mediafire will be great!

Thanks anyway!  
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