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[Fic] Stereo

Title: Stereo
RyoPi, RyoUchi (later, and one sided)
There's Pi visiting a grave... and a flashback. ^_^

This is my first FanFic ever...
I was taking a piss (really, I was) and this idea just popped into my head as I was humming Ryo's "Stereo"

Update: Extended it a bit more... Now it is Prologue + Chapter 1 (or something like that...)

Yamashita Tomohisa hesitated as he stepped out of his car and took slow steps towards the cemetery. It was a beautiful day, the white puffy clouds stands out in contrast with the deep blue sky. Was the day as beautiful exactly ten years ago? Turning 31 wasn’t exactly making his memory improve.


The sounds of footsteps echoed against the cement ground in the otherwise silent area, as he headed towards the particular grave in which his dearest rests. Pi tried to imagine the face of his beloved, sparking large eyes, ‘fantastic nose’ as Domoto Koichi put it almost a decade ago, he tried to remember the exact spot the mole under his eye and the other one next to his lips… not in-your-face handsome, but so, very endearing.


With a portable CD player in one hand and a bouquet of white roses in the other, he slowly strolled down the familiar path.


“Third row on the right, the 11th grave,” he mumbled to himself, as if giving instructions to his legs.


He reached his destination. The dust and leaves covered grave still sends an ache to his heart that never mended since the fateful day.


It was written on the tombstone, “Nishikido Ryo. 3rd November 1984 – 3rd November 2006.” 22 full years of life, he meant so, so much to Pi.


Pi put the bouquet on the grave as he sat next to it, brushing the leaves away from the surface. He placed the player down and played the CD inside.


“Teeburu ni chirakatta nanigenai kami kire ga, Hitotsu hitotsu takaramono ni kawatteku  kawaii rakugaki shitekureru kara…” Ryo’s high pitched voice was clear and loud. How Pi wished he could here it in person one more time…


Up until 5 years ago, Pi would weep at that very spot until he could cry no more. And then he would take the day after off from work due to swollen eyes. Slowly, he could no longer find the tears as his Ryo-chan becomes but a distant memory.


Today, he was determined to remember once again, what Ryo-chan meant to him. He was a memory that was too important to forget. Memories came flowing back into his mind as he reminisces the day NewS become NewS again with the return of their 2 suspended members. It was Johnny’s Countdown 2005-2006. It was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives… but no one knew it was the beginning of a tragedy…



The cheers from the fans were deafening as Kanjani8 sang their medley, Uchi Hiroki was finally able to join the group again. No other member was happier than Uchi’s best friend, Ryo. Ryo was smiling more than usual as the fans sang along with them…


“Haa enyakorase no dokkoise…”


Ryo put his arm around Uchi’s waist and Uchi’s was around Ryo’s shoulder. This was the long anticipated reunion. Uchi was glad that he was able to be around Ryo more often again. He was to continue where he left off, with Ryo in particular.


“Yes… we were so close to it…” Uchi thought as Kusano and the rest of the NewS members joined them for another medley. It was a fresh start for them. Another starting point. Everywhere Uchi looked, he only saw smiling faces and jumping young men. The adrenaline rush in them was overpowering.


Yamapi was happy as well, he came in between Ryo and Uchi and put their arms around them. The song “Teppen” was being sung and by then they no longer bothered about choreography. Uchi suddenly felt the rift growing between him and Ryo… but he shook it off and continued singing. The smile on his face was reduced.


They were all spent when they arrived backstage. Spent but ecstatic.


Yamapi gathered the members to talk about their reunion feelings.


“This is NewS, we will have a fresh start here onwards and the future would be brighter than before and we will reach for the stars!” Yamapi yelled out.


“You baka, why are you giving us a pep talk? We obviously have no where to go but up considering we had been dysfunctional for a year previously,” Ryo said playfully and pinched Pi’s nose.


Uchi felt a tinge of jealousy creeping through him.


“Ne… Ryo, what are you doing tomorrow? It is the New Year! Wanna spend the day together?” Uchi asked, trying to bridge the distance between him and Ryo caused by the suspension.


“Oh but I promised Pi to hang out, you can come if you like to. Right Pi?” Ryo replied as he poked Pi at the waist.


“Mou… Ryo, stop molesting me,” Pi said teasingly, “Oh sure, do come Uchi, we’d go for Gyouza and maybe rent ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and watch it at my place,”


“Silence of the Lambs? Kowai na… its okay, I have plans with my mom as well, so you guys go have fun!” Uchi said, forcing a smile on his face.


“Gyouza?” Masuda overheard their conversation, “I LOOOOVE Gyouza, ne ne Pi, bring me along!”


Tegoshi came and pulled Masuda away by the ear, the left ear to be exact. “Sh… don’t interrupt Riida and Nishikido-kun’s rabu rabu time together! I will buy you Gyouza tomorrow.”


Ryo and Pi laughed as they continued talks of their plans tomorrow.


“Ah you do know my favourite movie ne Pi,…”


Uchi was no longer in the conversation, he felt himself longing to pull Ryo away from Pi and continued what could have been between him and Ryo. When did those two become so much closer than Ryo and him now? Ryo used to be HIS Ryo-chan, his own…


Uchi went to the bathroom to wash off the sweat before he headed off to take the Shinkansen back to Osaka. The Shinkansen he used to ride on almost everyday with Ryo. Everywhere he went, traces of memories between him and Ryo came back to him.


There could have been something between us…



Note: I wrote this pretending that NewS was suspended a year before the actual suspension year and was back active at the 2005-2006 Countdown instead. And that Uchi and Kusano were back with NewS and Kanjani8 on 2006-2007. This is because I want to place Ryo’s fictional death on a day that already passed… if not I would feel like I was cursing him or something.

Chapter 2 - I am on fire.
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