muddymiddle (muddymiddle) wrote in kanjani8,

Adventures of a Superhero

Title: Shi - bu - YA
Fandom: Kanjani8!
Pairings: Are there any? Who knows?! `T.T
Genre: Um... light hearted. `=]
Rating: G
Summary: Waaaah. I want a Subaru plushie. In Kanjani8 form... and in Dot Hack Sign form.
So I can make them play together and be all like... "Waaah! You're Subaru? I'm Subaru! Let's be friends!"
K8 Baru would be all like, "Waaah! You're cool for an anime character!"
And DHS Subara would be all like... "I don't say 'waaaah', but if I did, I'd say it just to describe what I think of you!"
YEAH! That's a winner. *twirls*

Author Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anything... though I would totally love to squish Subaru whenever I could. `>.> Anyway... lunarsweetie and I started playing Round Robin. `8D And it was pertaining to this random idea I had... that we talked about... and I was all like. GRAH. `>.> Haha. So this is what came up. We're not done... and it's... technically all a series of drabbles. `xD I hope you don't mind the shortness... *shrugs* Next chappie will be by her. Annnd she will post it up. `=D

Wait for me! `T.T
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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