OH-♥ (mainichi_muri) wrote in kanjani8,

[request] urajani

>,< HEY THERE. okay, first, I guess I'd better wish our dear RED EITO A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xD
he get's younger each year doesn't he :DDDD *glomps baru*

right XD on to my request! I was wondering if anyone has the Urajani - Papparazi episode!
My sis and I have been looking for this episode for AGES AGES AGES!! we've managed to watched a bit on youtube but it didnt load for us and we gave up. ONEGAI SHIMASU! PLEASE IF YOU HAVE IT!

just a refresher xD it's the one where tacchon sacrifices himself to the papparazi for yassu's sake but the cutie loses in the end because he had to go to the toilet and the light won't turn green. xDD ROFLMAO. ONEGAI.

thanks so so much!! and p.s. anywhere but sendspace and megaupload! THANKS :D <33

love ya'll eito crazy people! >D
Tags: requests

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