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05 October 2007 @ 07:35 pm
Game - Anti JE-boy  
Title: Anti JE boy
Number of players: 200
Summary: While in the 1st game we create our perfect JE idol in this game i suggest to point all features that we hate. The list of characteristics will be the shorter than in the 1st game 'coz it's kinda hard to hate someone's cheeks or butt... no i'll leave the butt in the list. The rules will be similar.
How to play: For example, I hate Junno's smile (ehhh... and who doesn't?), Jin's acting and Pi's new hair. So I write their names against this part of a body/characteristic. Next person changes my choice or adds his names to another features. The 500th one post it where the game started - at the je_games
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