Doci ~ I am not obsessed I am just full of passion (d0ci) wrote in kanjani8,
Doci ~ I am not obsessed I am just full of passion

Fuuuh....we need a S2 layout!

I don't know how often I thought about this...but each time when I searched something for somebody days later here it took me a lot of time to find the entry I needed. It's just frustrating and I think I am not alone with this thought.
Or what do the rest of the Eito population thinks?

I mean I really like the layout we have but it's so confusing without tags and such.
I really like to hear your opinions.

And if the majority of us agree the need of it people could start making some layouts and we could make a poll to decide which one is the best. ^___^

It seems like our Mod isn't An active member of Livejournal any longer. So we have a problem I think. Anyone who knows our mod it would be nice to contact her to tell her about the idea.

I wrote our mod two mails but I don't know whether she still uses the gmail and yahoo accounts. I also did add her msn addy.
So let's wait for 1 week. If she didn't answer till next sunday we should try to reason with the LJ mods.

Let's get rid of our anarchy which we already have for 2 years.  We need a new form of rule:


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