Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

[Download] Narutomo 07/10/04

This is the narutomo selina_sama uploaded but it's a little HigherQuality and chinese subbed... no i don't know chinese XDD but still is an acceptable quality XDDD

9 mins / 35.27 MB

071004narutomo: MF

Some notes about tagging!!!
 Also since we've been talking about tagging I'll start tagging this one as [download] and also the name of the show [narutomo], so please from now on, everyone tag yours depending on what it is... please.... so now you know if it's something you're sharing use "download" and the name of the show, or if it's an mp3... for example:
*mp3 concert rip: download, mp3, concert rip, "the name of the concert" (maybe we don't need to add download ?)
*show/program: download, video, show, "the name of the show(mucha buri)"
*concert video (spirits dvd): download, video, dvd, concert, spirits
*PV: download, PV, "the name of the vidoe"
*recommen: mp3, radio, recommen
magazine scans: magazine scans, "the name of the magazine"
screencaps: screencaps
just some examples

Maybe is too much, I don't know.... we shoul have a thread where to decide what tags should we use

You tell me what you think make suggestions on what should we put when taggin

... still the tags wont show.. but yeah.. I did tagged it..... download, video, narutomo  *sighs*
Tags: tv show: narutomo

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