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[New Series] Shota's "Shiawase Gokko" on Bessatsu Friend

 I don't think many of you know it yet, but Shota is going to start a series on Bessatsu Friend (the comic book that had the K8 comic). The title of it is "Shiawase Gokko" (=Happiness Game) and he has come up with all the ideas and illustrations to go with the series. From what he has said on the radio so far, he is going to interview people (K8 members too of course) and it is basically about fashion (clothes). He said he also drew a lot. No one knows much about it yet, but it's coming out this weekend so I am looking very much forward to it! 

Btw: Betsu-Fure website has added more info on Shota's series.

Says here that he is going to answer your questions/concerns about love and fashion! On the website, they are going to show some fashion coordinations that Shota actually did plus behind-the-scenes stuff. 

His comment:
In "Shiawase Gokko," I would like to express a color of "Yasuda Shota" that is different from the one in Kanjani8. Because it is difficult to directly communicate with you all, I want this series to be a tool for me to be able to "converse" feelings and emotions between you and I. That is my hope. I'm going to make this a nice and easy-going series that won't be affected by the complicated things that go on in this world (haha) so please look forward to it!

He's accepting concerns on love, haha :-)
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