hitohira (hitohira) wrote in kanjani8,

K8 clippings for sale~

Magazine clippings from 2006
consist of MYOJO, DUET, Wink Up, Potato

1. I accept ONLY well-concealed cash (preferably registered) for these items in USD or SGD.
2. Bank transfer or meet-ups for singapore buyer as i am located in singapore.
3. All prices stated NOT inclusive of postage. It will be discussed with serious buyer through emails
4. I will send them internationally as long as you are willing to pay for the postages. Some of the sets are actually quite thick which also means that the postage will be rather high.
5. Pages, it means printed pages, not sheets of paper.
6. Please leave your email with the country you reside and the items that you're interested in over the comments, i'll reply you asap
7. Pictures under the cut~

Item no: K8-1
- USD$15 (not inclusive of postage)
- DUET April 2006 to December issues (78 pages)
- 2pin-ups / 1 big poster / 2 magazine cover 

(78pages and 2cover, 2pin-ups)

(Poster front and back)

Item no: K8-2
- USD$15 (not inclusive of postage)
- Wink Up April 2006 to December 2006 (74pages)
- 2pin-ups / 3poster

Item no: K8-3
- USD$15 (not inclusive of postage)
- Potato April 2006 to December 2006 (66pages)
- 3pin-ups / 2 magazine cover

Item no: K8-4
- USD$18 (not inclusive of postage)
- MYOJO January 2006 to December 2006 (80pages)
- 2 magazine covers

Item no: K8-5
- USD$8 (not inclusive of postage)
- Unofficial K8 group poster bought from harajuku
- Brand NEW

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