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Upload goodies! For the complete list of links, they're here

3Tops & ABC - Uwa Uwa on SC 20030511
Johnny's Juniors - Summary perf on SC2007.01.14
KATTUN Member Intro + Haruka na Yakusoku perf on SC 20030511 >> Members are introduced before the perf. A little bit of talk regarding the boys (junno doing dajare, ueda doing guitar etc). Jin teaches the hand action of Haruka to the audience *seems like this is the first time the performed Haruka*
KATTUN & Ya3x - Heart no Energy and Love Letter Medley
Kitayama - Deep in Your Heart - 2006.11.12 >>ZOMFG I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW HOT HE IS HERE. <333 *became a Kismyft Fan* Subbed by[info]yelsha2
NEWS - Amai Amai Yoru >> hmmm, i don't know if I went blind or something, but I didn't see Ryo and Uchi *k8 stuff maybe idk*
Ryo and Uchi Feeding Each other Seafood >> great fic inspiration IMO
Tsubasa's Natsukashii VTR Special >> OMG this had me ROFLing. Tsubasa cringing. Tsubasa with wings.  And Toma with really thick brows. XDDD
Tsubasa - Slave of Love and Get Down Medley - SC 2005.10.09
Uchi Running from Dogs >> LOL it's what it says. Plus the screaming. *uchi you're too cute <33*
Yamapi, Hasejun and Jimmy - Limbo Rock
Yamapi Saying Sorry to a Girl >> FANGIRL MOMENT NUFFSAID.
Ya3x and NEWS - Onsen Battle on YaYaYah show >> i think this is the one where the boys do jankenpon and who ever loses is hit by a plastic mallet on the head XDDD

The rips will be up by tonight ^^b


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