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[New Series] "Shiawase Gokko" by Shota

Shota has started his new series called "Shiawase Gokko" (=the Happiness Game) on Bessatsu Friend, which is the big monthly comic book that used to have the K8 comic series (it ended two months ago). This month, since it was his first time and all, they had one page that had colored pictures of him and his message to the readers, then two non-colored pages that had his "Fashion" side and "Love" side. I'll share a few pictures I took on my cell phone so that you'll get the idea.



On his "Fashion" side, he coordinated two sets of outfits that had a summer taste but used autumn colors. Unfortunately, the pages were non-colored (which is very dumb for a topic like this) so it was extremely hard to imagine how his coordinations turned out to be like just by reading what color the shirts, skirts, and boots were. But, the two coordinations he did looked extremely fashionable and nice! He dressed up a female mannequin (just the neck and under). I wish after a few times they would start publishing books and that they'd show all these photos in color!


On his "Love" side, since they hadn't received any letters from the fans yet, he went on to talk about three things that he sees in a girl. The "#1-must" (in his words) condition he brought up is that the girl should do the job that she's asked for. #2 is that he wants the girl to cook for him, and #3 he wants the girl to be able to consider the other guy's feelings when they're in front of others. He said he doesn't fall in love at first sight. He sees many cute girls, but he usually likes girls that he can be calm and relaxed with, instead of an "I like you! Like you! LIKE YOU!" kind of relationship (don't blame me if this doesn't make sense... I'm just translating what he said!). 

On that same page, he added his own touch and taste on a t-shirt. He used a green-colored (his absolutely favorite color, he said) spray paint to redesign the shirt. Since it was his first remake of a shirt after becoming 23, he put his name and birthday on the shirt as well (of course you can't see it on this magazine because the thing is not in color and the pic is too small!!)

Anyway, he'll start talking with the K8 boys in the following series, so I'm looking forward to what he's got in store for the next few months!

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