put a banana in your ear~ (kazama_2009) wrote in kanjani8,
put a banana in your ear~

Kanjani 8 - Its my Soul [Single] plus booklet [Limited Edition]

Konnichiwa Minna-san~~~

This is my first post and I want to share with you the newest Kanjani 8 Single - It's My Soul ^^
Under the CUT~~~ hehe

U can find it here at my Johnny's Community~~~ ^^ (join in u wanna 4 je media xD and much more)

to the mods: if this is ok or not ok pls tell me~~~ ^^;
again: I dont know how to tag this or even if I can~~ but I will try my best

And because I want to share something HERE, here u go the booklet~~
credit: Jpopsuki
if some of theses were posted before IM soooo sorry~~~

Im sorry theyre soooo big... *sweat* ^^
and one is posted on my community in my post thats why its not here ^^
Comments are ♥♥♥

Tags: worth buying!, worth buying: single/album

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