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[SELLING] BRAND NEW Nov. Myojo, Oct. Duet,

hi guys this is my first itme posting in here!!  welll i'm selling the Nov. '07 Myojo, Oct. '07 Duet, & Sept. '07 Duet, and they're BRAND NEW i swear!!!! it's just sitting on my desk with nowhere to go cuz yeahh, some ppl who were gonna buy them ended up not buying them in the end =[ they all have glossyy kanjani8 goodness of coursee :D

 BRAND NEW 11.2007 Myojo for $14 shipped in the U.S.!

BRAND NEW 10.2007 Duet for $14 shipped in the U.S.!!

if you're interested please come to my lj  crazypilovee
OR email me at with your desired item and lj username!! than youuu!!

btw have you guys watched yukan club yet? ;]

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