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☆ The Kanjani's Eden ☆

The Kanjani8 Community

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The Kanjani8 Community
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~ WELCOME to the KANJANI 8 Community!♥

K8title color1
★P R O F I L E S★
★New to Kanjani8? Please check out their pimp posts here!

★You must like/love Kanjani8 ^__^
(any kind of flaming is not allowed!!!)

★This is a community for Kanjani8 so you can post here anything that relates to Kanjani8.
DON'T SPAM this community with other groups' things.

★Use an LJ-cut
★Tag your entries
★Do not post sales posts on the community. There are other communities
dedicated to sales of Johnny's goods.
They are listed in the link on the sidebar.

★Please keep from using multiple font types/sizes/colors in your posts.
Keep to the default font as much as possible.
And please no WrItInG LyKe DiS.It makes posts hard to read.

★If you make a post to the community with a fake cut to your lj/community
that will be flocked after a certain period of time,
we ask you to please not tag your entries.

★Do not post uploads to singles/albums over one week before the official release date.
Please! If you are unsure about if a post is allowed or not,
ask. Do not post with 'If this is not allowed, please delete it.

★That's all, you can join us now! Thank you!★

Creator: Lumiya (yuki_hotaru)
Current Maintainers:Mytsujun (uruwashiiarashi)
(will post on the community as kanjani_moddy)
★If anyone sees any posts that bring only negativity or does not
seem to belong in the community, please inform the staff. (.^___^.)
Contact the maintainers at:
kanjani8seden [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks to our Tagging Team 2007 for the mass tag overhaul of our community♥


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