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narutomo request

 sorry for making another request...

i was wondering if anyone has the video of ryo and uchi where narutomo sort of followed them for one whole day...there is also a part when they were asked to show the contents of their wallets...ryo even said that if it had not been for johnny-san, they both would be working as 'hostos' now...

i saw this video once on youtube but couldn't find it anywhere else...

pretty please...;p
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Kansaiboys: Hina's Worst Date and the Narutomo Magical Summer special

I'm very pleased to be able to announce the latest two projects of kansaiboys:

Worst Date #07: Murakami Shingo - There are no bathrooms! (which was a collaboration with BNS), in which Hina desperately tries to impress his date.


Magical Summer Special Part One; Narutomo 2005-08-12, in which the boys talk about their adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The links and extra information can be found at the above links. We hope you'll enjoy these releases! :)

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Narutomo 20050916

I'm not sure how many of you has watched this before. It's a Narutomo interview back in 2005. I only have part 1 of this interview but there seems to be a part 2 ..... Just wonder if anyone can provide the link to it. 

Anyway, for those who haven't watched it. Please go here to watch part 1.